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Please forward this error screen to 193. German automobile maker founded in 1917. The company was a merger of two companies producing aircraft engines, Rapp Alpina PDF Werke and Gustav Flugmaschinefabrik.

Författare: Bronte Pech.

Badgastein / Austria Settling into a villa in the heart of the Austrian Alps, a writer hopes to find solitude and inspiration in idyllic surroundings. However, the thin mountain air soon takes its toll on his health as he struggles with an environment entirely foreign to him. Set against towering snow-covered peaks, Alpina explores the birth of a novel during the cycle of the seasons. Bronte Pech was born and educated in Australia. At the age of thirteen he left home to attend a private boarding school in Adelaide and later graduated from the state university with degrees in history and education. Since moving to Germany in 1971, the author has devoted his time to travel, lecturing and writing. Having journeyed widely through Europe with extensive stays in the Scandinavian countries, France, Italy and Greece, he has set about laying the groundwork for his books. In his novels, short stories and journals the writer portrays European society at the turn of the century.

They formed Bayersiche Flugzeungwerke that changed its name a year later to Bayerische Motoren Werke AG. In 1923 BMW introduced its first motorcycle, the R 32. In 1928 BMW acquired Eisenbach automobile plant. The range grew and the 328 sports car was introduced in 1936, a two seater sports car with an aluminum body and a straight six 2.

During World War II BMW produced aircraft engines and motorcycles. After the war car and motorcycle production was restarted in 1948 in Bavaria with the Isetta, an Italian designed microcar built under license, being the main product. After a difficult period for the company with attempts by the British Rootes Group, makers of Humber and Sunbeam among other brands, and also American Motors to take over the company, German investors increased their shares heavily in BMW. The 700, a small car with a 700cc engine, was launched in 1959. The BMW 1500, a compact car that developed into the BMW 2000, was introduced in 1962.

The model was in production until 1976. Larger vehicles with straight six cylinder engines were introduced in 1968, the 5 Series in 1972 and the 3 Series in 1975. BMW bought the British Rover Group in 1994. Development of the X5 started around the same time and BMW were able to use technology from Land Rover for this vehicle.

BMW kept the Mini and Triumph brands, but sold Rover and Land Rover, the latter to Ford Motor Company in 2000. The sixt generation of the 5 Series were introduced in the end of 2009 as a 2010 model year and the sixth generation of the 3 Series went on sale in early 2012. Please email us brochures not shown on site. We supply a broad range of Alpina wheels and accessories that are available for most BMW models. Alpina are more than a car tuning company. In 1983 they were officially registered as an automobile manufacturer by the German Ministry of Transport. They specialise in producing BMWs tuned for performance.

Alpina build their own cars, rather than modifying cars that have been built on a BMW production lines. New Alpina vehicles are usually purchased through BMW franchise dealerships, who are then responsible for all of the servicing and warranty. The Classic Alpina wheel has always and will always be a 20 spoke design. Alpina Classics’, each with distinct, yet subtle, differences in their design.

Alpina’s wheels are available in a wide range of sizes. Alpina Classic Wheel C96 – Often referred to as Softline 2 Piece. Alongside the variations and sizes of this 20 spoke design Alpina also produce 5 quad spoke wheels known as their Dynamic Wheel Range. Alplina’s Products and Philosophy Alpina has built its philosophy around constant progress through technological innovation, and this has been the motivation for Alpina as a business.

Although Alpina is only a relatively small manufacturer, it has built an enviable reputation around understated exclusivity. By building and improving on BMW’s exclusive marque, Alpina produce cars that are focused solely on internal engineering, technological innovation and performance enhancement, rather than exterior definition. As a company Alpina strive for the synthesis of fascination and reason. Through its close ties with BMW, Alpina are able to reach customers worldwide and provide a level of support and service that would usually be associated with a volume car manufacturer. Their interiors incorporate the unique Alpina logo, which is a distinctive blue and green pattern. B5, this is a rival to the BMW M5. V10 Engine used by BMW Alpina use a supercharged V8 engine, producing similar power with much greater torque.

Die fraglichen Angaben werden daher möglicherweise demnächst entfernt. Bitte hilf Wikipedia, indem du die Angaben recherchierst und gute Belege einfügst. Der Alpina D3 ist der erste Vierzylinderdiesel des Fahrzeugherstellers Alpina und der erste überhaupt gebaute PKW-Diesel mit einer Literleistung von 74 kW. Der D3 ist im Vergleich zum BMW E90 mit einem zusätzlichen Frontspoiler ausgestattet.