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WAS HIS Immanuel PDF ORIGINALLY JESUS, OR IMMANUEL? Clues from New Testament evidence Clues from external evidence and the Gnostic Gospels What was this mysterious name? Who changed his name, and why?

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Das Lieder- und Regieheft zur gleichnamigen Musical-CD. Alle Melodien, Liedtexte, Akkorde und alle Sprechtexte, Regieanweisungen und Tipps zur Aufführung.
Frisch, fröhlich und mitreißend: die Bedeutung von Weihnachten mit Kinderaugen gesehen! Da ist das Schaf Tolle, dass die Weihnachtsgeschichte rappt. Der Papagei Cheeky, der eine Menge kluger Dinge weiß und ohne Ende quasselt. Da ist Lotta, ein Mädchen, das sich oft einsam fühlt und gerne eine Freundin hätte. Und Rinko, der rasende Reporter, immer unterwegs für das Radio „Bethlehem“.
Musikalische Ohrwürmer, überschaubare Szenen, fünf Hauptrollen und eine beliebige Anzahl an Chorsängern (u.a. auch Engel- und Schafchor) bieten Zuhörern und Mitspielern Spaß, Abwechslung und jede Menge Weihnachtsfreude: Immanuel – Gott mit uns!

As a corollary, we may add that one’s studies should also be free from the control of any scholastic consensus that may have fallaciously evolved out of very early theological commitment. Although academic consensuses may generally be correct, here and there they are bound to be wrong as long as so many outstanding NT questions remain unresolved. To piece them together into a coherent whole we must start with Isaiah’s Immanuel prophecy and follow through until at least the time of Bishop Irenaeus near the end of the 2nd century CE. Further support for the name interpretation comes from the Qumran Great Isaiah Scroll, dated to around 125 BCE—by far the oldest known copy of Isaiah. The next most ancient text of Isaiah is the Masoretic text, which dates much later, to 826 CE. Words were separated by gaps in the actual writings.

Above two lines from the actual Isaiah Dead Sea Scroll contain Isaiah 7:14. Above, English transliteration of the two Hebrew lines containing 7:14 from the Dead Sea Scroll, by Fred Miller. There is a minor clue that is consistent with the writer of Matthew having tampered with his source document concerning J’s name. Mt 1:25b states that J was given the name Jesus at birth. This would have been private information unavailable to anyone besides Joseph and Mary. Lord, God, the Lord Christ, who will be called Jesus on earth, but his name thou canst not hear till thou hast ascended out of thy body.

Thou canst not hear his true name at this time but the name which was bestowed upon him for a season is Jesus, the Christ. For the son would not become father unless he wore the name of the father. THE SMOKING GUN Let us now look into the Testament of Solomon, with thanks to RJ of the University of California for bringing it to my attention as well as the Gospel of Philip verses. And I Solomon, having heard this, glorified God. And though I marvelled at the apology of the demons, I did not credit it until it came true. I understood, and at my death I wrote this Testament to the children of Israel, and gave it to them, so that they might know the powers of the demons and their shapes, and the names of their angels, by which these angels are frustrated.