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La gata Perla PDF

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Författare: Manel Alonso.

Santiago fall in love with other at first sight after knowing each other accidentally. At first the work of Daniela was to sell newspaper. Santiago, the son of millionaires, a young man who does not have any clear aims in his life. But not everything will be fine, as Santiago’s family opposed the relationship, not only by social differences, but by a tragic past that surrounds them. The tragic past is the brutal murder of Daniela’s mother, twenty years ago.

It was Horatio, Santiago’s father who committed the crime, but the blame is on Diego, Daniela’s father. The latter is sent to jail for twenty years. Daniela is a girl who perseveres a lot. She works as a secretary, but the chief of the company wants her and even tries to rape her. In fact, they met when Daniela was in trouble.