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Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Now, Typing Instructor for Kids piano Kids Finger Fun PDF the same proven typing methods for children, in an entertaining and educational environment. Typer Island Adventure is an exciting place to learn to type!

Författare: Hans-Günter Heumann.
Dieses Heft enthält die schönsten Etüden von Bertini, Burgmüller, Czerny, Gretchaninoff, Schumann und anderen. Aber auch Etüden im Popstil von Hans-Günter Heumann, Jürgen Moser, Eduard Pütz und Mátyás Seiber sind darin zu finden. Das Heft empfiehlt sich im Anschluss an die Klavierschule "Piano Kids", kann aber auch zu jeder anderen Klavierschule verwendet werden.

Your kids will be motivated to improve their typing skills as they travel through five unique lands leading up to the Castle. In each land, they’ll experience new and exciting typing challenges, learn new keys, and build speed and accuracy. With a foundation of essential typing skills, younger students will complete homework more quickly and accurately, and they’ll possess the basic Internet skills they need to excel. Young typists can now conquer the keyboard while exploring Typer Island in search of the mysterious Typer Island Castle. This amusing and engaging typing software covers all keyboarding basics including proper hand positions and speed increasing drills. This program offers 40 practice stories and over 30 timed challenges delivered through children’s classic literature.

Typing Instructor for Kids is a themed typing program with a helpful tour guide to lead kids through their journey. Keep in mind you will need a sound card and speakers or headphones for this program. Typing Instructor for Kids leads kids on a journey through Typer Island in search of Typer Island Castle. Along the way, kids must pass through five unique lands—this is where typing skills are taught and improved upon.

After each land is mastered and kids finally arrive at Typer Castle, they’ll find several fun-filled and interesting activities to help them refine their keyboarding skills. 30 challenges, timed challenges, advanced level exams, graphic hand guides, unique drills and interactive exercises. This program supports multiple skill levels and kids can change settings to increase or decrease their WPM goals, the size of text and the degree of difficulty. They also can choose standard or split keyboards and whether or not they want to listen to music.

Typing Instructor for Kids has many feedback features including WPM scores, accuracy percentages, results calculated from all activities, results tracked for five typists. It also provides performance assessments for key, finger, hand and row as well as full-color progress charts and graphs. Kids can even print their results and achievement certificates. We didn’t have any trouble installing Typing Instructor for Kids. The tour guide in Typing Instructor for Kids is excellent and the program is logically designed and easy to navigate. The manufacturer, Individual Software, offers phone support and a FAQs page.

Kids will enjoy the journey, challenges, activities and characters of Typing Instructor for Kids. This program offers rewards for every step of progress and teaches basic keyboarding and speed typing through an attention keeping, castle-seeking adventure. Individual Software has mastered kids typing software with this product. Learn the correct finger-to-key positioning and begin typing without looking at the keys. Includes positioning for both the split and standard keyboards and the 10-key keypad.

Use proven touch-typing teaching methods and watch your WPM and accuracy improve. Build speed and accuracy through typing tests of varying length and difficulty. Assess your level of advancement and use saved results, reports, and graphs to assess strong and weak areas and your improvement trends. Fun adds to the learning experience.

Eight exciting typing games challenge you to improve your typing skills. The games include Xtreme Typing, Cliffhanger, Sea Adventure, Erik the Viking, Gone Fishin’, Flotsam Fighter II, Diamond Glider, and the Wild West. Articles keep you practicing with interesting material. With over 250 articles to choose from there is something for everyone.

To help keep kids from getting bored while typing, Typing Quick and Easy offers several customization options, including more than 60 background music choices. You can even customize typing tests and view test results so specific that you’ll know exactly where your child needs extra typing practice. This typing software sports easy-to-use screens that are fun, colorful, and appealing to children. As your child moves through each screen, the audio instructions tell them what to do next.