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Three Strikes PDF

3 Strikes is a 2000 American screwball comedy film written and directed by DJ Pooh. The film stars Brian Hooks as Rob Douglas, a man just released from a one-year sentence in jail, who already has two strikes to his name. While in prison, he watches to a local news report that states California has instituted the habitual offenders law, commonly referred to as the „three-strikes“ law, which will put offenders with three felonies three Strikes PDF prison for a minimum of twenty-five years.

Författare: Nunzio DeFilippis.
For every action there’s an equal reaction. Or at least that’s what we’re told, but Rey Quintana just learned the hard way what Noah Conway already knew. Rey’s a good kid who’s made some mistakes. He doesn’t run with a gang and he’s working hard both at his job and in his community college courses. Noah’s an ex-cop who became a bondsman in a failed attempt to salvage his marriage. It didn’t work and now his job has taken over his life all over again. One choice is about to send both their lives into chaos and set the pair on a collision course that can only end in tragedy. With a unique dual-perspective storytelling, Three Strikes fearlessly calls what’s foul and what’s fair.

On the way to pick up Robert, Tone stops to pick up a woman on the street and takes her home. Robert for leaving him during the shooting, telling Blue that he plans to peg Robert as the shooter when the police come to interview him. The call is recorded on voice mail at Blue’s home. At home, Robert receives a call from Tone. Parked outside Robert’s house, Tone blames him for leaving J. Robert reaches out to his probation officer for help in proving his innocence, but is told that his best option is to simply turn himself in. Robert enough money for him and Juanita to get a hotel room.

She tells Robert to meet him at her house. Robert meets up with Mike once more, and asks Mike to set him up with a good lawyer. At her home, Dahlia agrees to hand over the tape, but reveals she’s had a crush on Robert since high school, and blackmails him into letting her have her way with him for the tape. Having witnessed Robert enter Dahlia’s house, Blue – Dahlia’s brother – calls Tone, who brings several of his goons over to his location. As Robert sneaks out with the tape, Tone and his people are there to meet him, and begin to jump him. Robert manages to get to his car, and a high-speed chase ensues. Robert manages to get away again, and is picked up by Mike.

At his trial, the judge believes the tape recording clearly proves Robert was not the shooter and was completely unaware that the vehicle he and J. The felony charges against him are dismissed, and he avoids being convicted of a crime that would have put him behind bars under the „three-strikes“ law. Before court is adjourned, Robert’s father tells him that he will personally pick him up after he is released. The epilogue states that Rob was eventually released from prison early due to overcrowding.