Vittoria Colonna; Leben, Wirken, Werke PDF

Colonna was born at Marino in 1490, a fief of the Colonna vittoria Colonna; Leben, Wirken, Werke PDF in the Alban Hills near Rome. In 1501, the Colonna family’s possessions and land were confiscated by Pope Alessandro VI, and the Colonna family moved to Ischia, home of Colonna’s betrothed.

Författare: Johann J. Wyss.

In Ischia, Colonna received a typical humanist education in literature and the arts from Costanza d’Avalos, the aunt of her betrothed and gave early proof of a love of letters. The couple resided together in Ischia until 1511, when her husband offered his sword to the League against the French. He was taken captive in 1512 at the Battle of Ravenna and was conveyed to France. Between 1516 and 1522, Colonna lost three members of her family. Her younger brother Federico, died in 1516, her father, Fabrizio in 1520 and her mother, Agnese in 1522. Colonna and d’Avalos seldom saw each other during their marriage, for he was one of the most active and brilliant captains of Emperor Charles V.

Colonna spent the summer of 1525 at her father’s castle in Marino, where she fell ill, after which she suffered illness throughout her life. It was during this time that she received an early manuscript copy of Baldessare Castiglione’s The Book of the Courtier, which she had circulated around Naples. On 3 December 1525, Fernando died at Milan from the wounds he had sustained at the Battle of Pavia. The Sack of Rome in 1527 gave the Colonna family the opportunity to improve the relationship between them and the Medici pope Clement VII by offering help to the Roman population.